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At Paragon Media, we're passionate about creating captivating videos that leave a lasting impression. With our state-of-the-art studio 'cove' in Santa Ana, CA, we provide a comfortable and creative space for your video production needs. But we don't just stay put! We love to hit the road and travel for jobs, bringing our expertise and equipment to wherever you need us. Our portfolio includes working with a diverse range of clients; Dell, Microsoft, QSC, Senovva, and CompTIA, to name a few. We deliver exceptional results every time! Check out our projects page to see our previous work and get in touch with us for your next video project!


Day in a Life at Microsoft

Join us on an extraordinary journey as we dive into the day-in-a-life of Ryen Macababbad, a program manager at Microsoft. In this captivating video, we explore Ryen's unique background in Military Affairs and how she leveraged her experiences to propel her career in the tech industry. At Paragon Media, we're honored to work with Microsoft to showcase stories of dedication and personal growth. Get ready to be inspired by Ryen's incredible journey at Microsoft — click on her image to see the video!

Ryen Macababbad Day in a Life Microsoft Video, Paragon Media
BTS Image of See Billy Run QSC


See Billy Run — QSC

'See Billy Run,' in collaboration with QSC, was an exhilarating challenge that required meticulous planning and precise execution.


The entire 5 minute video is filmed in one take!


We carefully blocked and staged every movement, practicing it relentlessly to ensure a flawless performance. Turning complex and technical information into something fun and engaging was our ultimate goal. And after 23 takes, we nailed it! The result is a visually stunning and captivating piece that showcases our expertise in creating seamless and dynamic storytelling. Check out the final product and witness the magic of 'See Billy Run with QSC'!


Old Glory Relay — MICROSOFT

Imagine a cross-country adventure, months of traveling, and capturing every incredible moment. That's exactly what we did for the Old Glory Relay project, in partnership with Microsoft. We accompanied our clients across multiple states, documenting the inspiring journey of veterans running the flag across the US. But we didn't stop there. We helped them reach a wider audience by creating a robust FTP system, ensuring that news stations all over the country had access to our media captures. With our support, the event gained major outreach and press coverage. We're passionate about helping our clients build out press content and making it easily accessible for promotion. Check out the highlight reel showcasing these amazing veterans and the great cause we had the honor of working for!

Image from Old Glory Relay. Veteran running with the flag across country.
Juan Fernandez CompTIA Industry Profile


CompTIA Industry Profiles

At Paragon Media, we had the incredible opportunity to work with CompTIA to tell Juan Fernandez's inspiring story of upcoming success. Juan found his path to success with CompTIA certifications, and we were honored to capture his journey on camera. We absolutely love working with CompTIA because they keep it real and focus on telling authentic, human stories. Check out Juan's industry profile, by clicking on his image, to see how CompTIA is making a difference in people's lives.

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